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Free Pie Safe Plans

There should always be more room for pie and these free plans for a pie safe make sure that this is a reality.  This is a 19-Century utilitarian piece of kitchen furniture that can be made to adapt to the modern needs.  No longer needed to keep mice from the…

Free Corner Cabinet Plans This Free Corner Cabinet Plan shows how to use unoccupied corner in a kitchen efficiently. It’s a great place to store special glasses or cups away from those used every day. This corner cabinet plan could also would in a living room to hide small... Read more
Free Barbecue Tool Cabinet Plans
Free Barbecue Tool Cabinet Plans Turning a basic outdoor grill into a true outdoor kitchen can be a simple as adding a few key additions. Try implementing this Free Barbecue Tool Cabinet Plan. Perfect when constructed with Cedar, it’s a great way to safely store your grilling tools and... Read more
Bathroom Shelf Plans

Bathroom Shelf Plans

Indoor Plans December 28, 2010 0

I found myself in need of an unusually sized bathroom cabinet or shelf recently. We are renovating a house built in 1889 and had a plumbing chase that has an access panel in an unusual size. I decided it would make sense to build my own cabinet /shelf to... Read more
Rolling File Cabinet Plans
If you have a home office, I am sure that you have come to need more and more storage. If you are a woodworker, I am guessing that you might be a bit of a pack rat as well. This plan is for a mobile file cabinet. Essentially, a... Read more
Apothecary Cabinet Plans
Update: Unfortunately, the plan for the original cabinet below is no longer active.  This happens from time to time.  Since that is the case, we have located another free apothecary cabinet plan for you. OLD PLAN BELOW.  Use this for inspiration only. The plan is not available, however the... Read more
Vanity Cabinet
This vanity cabinet plan is an old plan, but is more applicable than ever. Vessel sinks are becoming all the rage, but if you have shopped for a sink cabinet combination, you will find that you choices are very limited due to the low height required for the vessel... Read more