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Vanity Cabinet Vanity Cabinet

This vanity cabinet plan is an old plan, but is more applicable than ever. Vessel sinks are becoming all the rage, but if you have shopped for a sink cabinet combination, you will find that you choices are very limited due to the low height required for the vessel to be useable. I feel this woodworking plan for a bathroom vanity is an easy one to modify to your needed height without much alteration.

This is rather simple woodworking construction of a cabinet carcass. However, if you have never built a cabinet before, you might not realize ho simple it is to achieve a great result. A cabinet (in this case a bathroom vanity) is nothing more than a plywood box with a base and a toe kick. The part that dresses up the cabinet is the face frame and the doors. When you think about it, there isn’t a lot to it and the skill level is not that high to achieve a professional result.

The part that makes your cabinet look professional will be the doors. Now, you could build your own doors, but if you don’t have the right tools your design choices will be limited and the quality of construction could be jeopardized. You could purchase a door kit for your router table or shaper, but a quality set will be north of $100. You can see how this might only make sense if you are building an entire kitchen full of cabinets.

We have a simple and inexpensive solution for the perfect set of doors. There are companies out there who just build doors. Many people will reface old cabinets in an kitchen remodel. It is a great option for a do it yourselfer and so a number of companies have popped up offering nothing more than cabinet doors in a number of styles. You can check on Ebay or at I would recommend a company called Doors and Pulls. This cabinet door company offers a number of options in terms of style, sizes, and the wood used. You won’t believe how inexpensive they are. Once you have your doors, match up your face frame lumber and start building your own cabinet.

vanity cabinet woodworking plan

Vanity Cabinet Plan

Click on the image to view the complete wood plans. Good luck building this bathroom vanity cabinet.

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