Free woodworking plans from woodwork city
Free Four Post Bed Plan
This four-poster bed is a classic design.  It can be built in sizes from twin to king depending on your preferences or needs.  The free plans are specifically for a twin sized bed but by simply changing the frame and headboard length it can be enlarged to any of... Read more
Simple Bunk Bed Plans – Few Tools, Stock Lumber
If you are looking to build a simple bunk bed that is attractive, easy to build, utilizes off-the-shelf lumber, and requires limited tools, this free bunk bed plan is for you. I didn’t realize until yesterday that we never featured these plans on our site.  This is a project... Read more
Free Daybed Plans
If you have ever shopped for a daybed, you will understand that the price charged in a retail store is typically nowhere near the value of the unit.  I always mention that an overpriced piece of furniture, that is seemingly simple to build, drives many woodworkers to create. There... Read more
Build a Race Car Bed
What kid wouldn’t want a race car bed?  Heck, what kid wouldn’t want a race car bed with a trundle bed underneath for sleepovers? This is a fantastic, and simple, plan to build your own race car bed.  The plan comes from Lowe’s Creative Ideas.  They have been known... Read more
DIY Raised Garden Bed Plans
DIY Raised Garden Beds It is that time of the year.  Spring is almost here and, if you are a gardener, you might just need some raised planting beds.  These bed plans come as a nice infographic and allow for a canopy and irrigation.  The layout is so simple... Read more
Free King Size Headboard Plans
Need a headboard?  Build your own. Building a bed seems like a daunting task.  To be honest, it is not as a big a deal as it sounds.  Your sizes are limited, there are a LOT of reference photos and the amount of material is not too large. The... Read more
Loft Bed Plans
The following plan is for a loft bed. A loft bed is perfect for a college dorm room or a small room. Getting the bed up off of the floor ads a lot of floor space and makes the child feel like they are sleeping in a fort or... Read more
Free Raised Planting Bed Plans
Free Raised Planting Bed Plans The inspiration for my plans often come from my wife, or from friends who mention a project that they are going to build. Always thirsting for an idea for a wood plan to share, I immediately jump at them “Do you have a plan?”.... Read more
Free Platform Bed Plans
Free Platform Bed Plans Platform Beds encompass sleek contemporary styling. They are a no-frills way to update a bedroom and hide a box spring. This free wood work plan for a Platform Bed, is an extremely simple build for this aesthetically handsome piece of furniture. By using some inexpensive... Read more
Awesome Bunk Bed Plans
These bunk bed plans are from Lowe’s and have a terrific style.  This is an intermediate to advanced level project, but could save you hundreds of dollars and provide you with a custom bunk bed that you will be proud to pass on. One of the nice things about... Read more