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Simple Bunk Bed Plans – Few Tools, Stock Lumber Simple Bunk Bed Plans – Few Tools, Stock Lumber

If you are looking to build a simple bunk bed that is attractive, easy to build, utilizes off-the-shelf lumber, and requires limited tools, this free bunk bed plan is for you.

I didn’t realize until yesterday that we never featured these plans on our site.  This is a project that I built a little over 2 years ago and was thrilled with the simplicity.  In my case, I wanted to be sure that I had something that was easy to transport.  That is one of the hidden beauties of this plan.  The bunk bed could unscrew and break down into 4 flat pieces (2 sides, 2 ends).  If you need a bunk bed that can be taken apart for transport or storage, this plan is for you.

Bunk bed plans

The ladder is built into the design of the bed which saves room in a tight space.  I would suggest some sort of a cap for the ladder rungs to make it a little easier on a child’s foot.  Simply widening and rounding over a bit makes a big difference.

Here is the bed that we built in a nice blue color.

Cottage bunk beds


I noticed that this plan was missing from when my son asked for a matching bunk bed for his dog.  The dog isn’t allowed to sleep in his bed, so he felt it fitting to build him his own bunk bed so that he can sleep next to him.  We scaled things down to fit the dimensions of an existing dog bed cushion.  This is a small dog (10 lbs) so we had many options.  Take a look at the result. I could probably turn this into a full measured drawing if others are interested. For us it was a fun project. One added benefit is that the dimensions make it a perfect end table should we decide to simply build a top for it.

Small Dog bunk bed Dog bed


As you can see, we had plenty of the blue bunk bed paint left over.  To build your own bunk bed, follow this link to

Free Plans at Ana White | Build a Classic Bunk Beds | Free and Easy DIY Project and Furniture Plans.

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