Mid Mod Stool Plans – Easy Step Stool

If you are a fun of simplicity and function, you will appreciate this simply footstool. This is a simple project plan from Instructables (link at bottom of this plan post). This bench could be considered mid-century modern (mid mod) especially with the paint/finish below. Good luck with this great (simple)…

Articulated Floor Lamp – With Yardsticks!

I decided that I needed an articulated floor lamp. I found some examples that I liked on Pinterest and figured that I would make one out of some lumber that I cut down using my “timber tuff chainsaw mill“. As I was waiting on the lumber to dry a bit,…

Floating Shelf from Firewood – Logs
Not sure why, but I have been obsessed lately with the use of fallen trees or recently cut trees to make items. In fact, we had a very large maple tree fall over the winter and provided quite a bit of material for a couple of projects that include a...
These breakfast bar plans are from Amateur Woodworker.  They plans are simple and easy to modify.  This breakfast bar is more than a typical countertop that is anchored to a wall.  The plans call for drawers to provide a nice storage space. Material List Description Qty Thickness Width Length... Read more
Artist Easel Plans

Artist Easel Plans

Indoor Plans November 28, 2006 0

These artist easel plans are an ideal project if you have a need for an easel or if you simple want a quality easel to display a piece of artwork. Recently, I had a need for an artist’s easel when I purchased a historic newspaper for my father. He... Read more
Umbrella Stand Plans

Umbrella Stand Plans

Indoor Plans November 27, 2006 0

These Art Deco Umbrella stand wood plans are from DIY Network. If you are a fan of the show “Wood Works” you are aware of what a great job they do with all of the woodworking projects that they feature. Often times the projects are advanced, or require some... Read more
Aquarium Stand Plans

Aquarium Stand Plans

Indoor Plans November 26, 2006 0

These are simple to build, yet solid, plans for an aquarium stand.  If you shopping for an aquarium stand, you might be surprised by the high prices for what appears to be a relatively simple piece of furniture.  One of the things that pushes a woodworker into doing a... Read more
Kitchen Desk
This a kitchen desk plan that uses stock cabinets.  You can configure your own desk or workstation based on the area available in your own kitchen.  You can purchase off the shelf cabinets, or order cabinetry to match your existing kitchen.  Either way, this plan will help show you... Read more
Free Window Valance Plans
This free valance plan from hammerzone.com is written up to be a fluorescent light valance. However, you could apply the same simple design to build a valance for a window. In fact, that is probably the more common use. The material list is short and could be altered from... Read more
Shaker Bed Woodworking Plans
If you appreciate the understated design in shaker furniture, you will certainly enjoy this woodworking project. This one is from the publisher of “Fine Woodworking” magazine (The Taunton Press). If you have ever picked up an issue of Fine Woodworking, you probably know the level of detail that they... Read more
Bunk Bed Plans
As winter rolls in in the northern states, woodworkers move indoors. There probably aren’t too many projects that will bring happiness to your child as his/her first big kid bed. These free bunk bed plans are a terrific project for any woodworker. Your child, or children will be thrilled.... Read more

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