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These breakfast bar plans are from Amateur Woodworker.  They plans are simple and easy to modify.  This breakfast bar is more than a typical countertop that is anchored to a wall.  The plans call for drawers to provide a nice storage space.

Material List

Top41 1/16″ (27 mm)4″ (102 mm)72″ (1829 mm)
Top Decorative molding11 1/16″ (27 mm)1 1/2″ (38 mm)71 1/2″ (1816 mm)
Side of Skirt23/4″ (19 mm)3 1/2″ (89 mm)6 3/8″ (162 mm)
Side of skirt 223/4″ (19 mm)3 1/2″ (89 mm)11 1/2″ (292 mm)
Front of skirt13/4″ (19 mm)3 1/2″ (89 mm)52 3/4″ (1340 mm)
Drawer fronts33/4″ (19 mm)2″ (51 mm)12″ (305 mm)
Back of Skirt13/4″ (19 mm)2″ (51 mm)67 1/2″ (1715 mm)
Mounting blocks13/4″ (19 mm)3/4″ (19 mm)78 3/4″ (2000 mm)
Bracing (plywood)13/4″ (19 mm)4″ (102 mm)40″ (102 mm)

The wood used in the original plan is oak, but I would recommend a wood that is readily available and provides a nice match with your existing room.

Breakfast bar plans

Click on the picture of the breakfast bar to view the complete set of woodworking plans.

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