Free woodworking plans from woodwork city
Free Toy Box Plans
If you are like my wife, you are always looking for ways to store the kids toys that are strewn about the house. A blanket box, shelving unit and or cubby storage unit usually come into play. For this free project plan, we are focusing on storage using a... Read more
Free Sandbox Plans
Time for that new sandbox? Here are some terrific, and free, plans for a sand box that is simple to build and has a feature that will keep the pests out.  After all, you don’t want your child’s sand box to turn into the neighborhood litter box. It is... Read more
Awesome Bunk Bed Plans
These bunk bed plans are from Lowe’s and have a terrific style.  This is an intermediate to advanced level project, but could save you hundreds of dollars and provide you with a custom bunk bed that you will be proud to pass on. One of the nice things about... Read more
There are many schools that have woodworking programs that will often publish free wood plans.  I came across a set of free woodworking plans today from Purdue.  It looks like these are part of a 4H program. There are 12 plans in all and all of the woodworking plans... Read more
Free birdhouse wood plan
Get ready for spring with this free birdhouse woodworking plan. The picture of the finished project is linked to the picture below. A birdhouse can be a simple project and a great one to do with your kids. After building a fence I ended up with a good deal... Read more
Kid's Bunk Bed with Desk plans
Here are plans for a great project. It isn’t a small scale project, but you could end up with a higher quality item and also save yourself about $1,000 over what you would pay in a store. Bunk bed plan with desk below Read more
These plans are for a wild animal bird feeder.  I live in an area where a 1 mile x 1 mile are of woods and fields are being developed.  By no means, am I a tree hugging member of the Audubon society, but it is nice to have the... Read more
Jacob's Ladder Plans
Let’s depart from the outdoor furniture plans for a minute. Here is a simple plan for a Jacob’s Ladder. If you don’t know what a Jacobs ladder, you will certainly recognize it once you see the toy. You will probably proclaim “so that is what it is called”. This... Read more
I received a request for Children’s table plans that fit together like a puzzle and uses no nails or glue. Well, I was able to locate some table plans that fit the bill, but they might a little difficult to follow. I am wondering if you have plans for... Read more
Dollhouse Shelf Plans
These free doll house shelf plans are sure to please a child from 2 to 16.  They are functional and fun for kids.  The construction is rather simple.  The finishing painting is the key to this project. The woodworking skills needed are rather basic.  The tools required are limited... Read more