Free woodworking plans from woodwork city
Free Floating Shelf Plans

This floating shelf can be used as either a bedside table or for near the front door.  These free plans will get you started.  Zebrawood is used to make this beautiful piece but you can make this your own by choosing something different. All the pieces on the material list…

Handmade Headboard Plans
There are few projects that will have as much of an impact on your psyche than a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom project.  Since we are going to focus on a simple wood plan today, we will skip over the kitchen and bath projects.  Your bedroom differs from other rooms... Read more
Free King Size Headboard Plans
Need a headboard?  Build your own. Building a bed seems like a daunting task.  To be honest, it is not as a big a deal as it sounds.  Your sizes are limited, there are a LOT of reference photos and the amount of material is not too large. The... Read more
Loft Bed Plans
The following plan is for a loft bed. A loft bed is perfect for a college dorm room or a small room. Getting the bed up off of the floor ads a lot of floor space and makes the child feel like they are sleeping in a fort or... Read more
Free Platform Bed Plans
Free Platform Bed Plans Platform Beds encompass sleek contemporary styling. They are a no-frills way to update a bedroom and hide a box spring. This free wood work plan for a Platform Bed, is an extremely simple build for this aesthetically handsome piece of furniture. By using some inexpensive... Read more
Awesome Bunk Bed Plans
These bunk bed plans are from Lowe’s and have a terrific style.  This is an intermediate to advanced level project, but could save you hundreds of dollars and provide you with a custom bunk bed that you will be proud to pass on. One of the nice things about... Read more
You made your bed, now sleep in it
You can make your own bed! Popular Mechanics has some terrific plans.   This is no exception. The other day, my wife found a bed sold through Restoration Hardware.  I made the mistake of telling her that I needed a project to work on.  She picked a big one.... Read more
Kid's Bunk Bed with Desk plans
Here are plans for a great project. It isn’t a small scale project, but you could end up with a higher quality item and also save yourself about $1,000 over what you would pay in a store. Bunk bed plan with desk below Read more
Dresser Valet Plans
Some of you might wonder what a “dresser valet” is.  When you see the picture, you will realize what it is.   These wood plans are perfect for the woodworker who likes to work on a small scale.  If you want to learn basic box construction methods, then this will... Read more
Bunk Bed Plans – Loft Style
These loft bed plans will thrill your toddler or young child.  A loft bunk bed is a great place for sleep and play. The bed is like a fort for a young child and provides some much needed floor space in a smaller bedroom. Click the picture for the... Read more
Changing Table Plans
If you are shopping for baby furniture, you will probably be surprised at the high prices for relatively basic piece of furniture. Well, a baby changing table is a great item that can be used for generations. If constructed properly, this item will double as a toddler, or teen... Read more