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Handmade Headboard Plans Handmade Headboard Plans

There are few projects that will have as much of an impact on your psyche than a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom project.  Since we are going to focus on a simple wood plan today, we will skip over the kitchen and bath projects.  Your bedroom differs from other rooms in your home in that you are there at least twice every day and a visual improvement in your bedroom can actually have an impact on your overall quality of life.  I mean it.

DIY headboard plans

The following plan is a simple one for a beautiful headboard.  This is a project that virtually anyone can build since it calls for stock lumber for the construction. Anytime you don’t need to make a lot of cuts,or work with intricate joinery, you will have a project for the masses.   In addition to the simple plan, this project describes how to recreate the finish on this headboard to give it a quality “aged” look.

The headboard plan comes from “Deep thoughts by Cynthia”, however, the original plan can be found on the Ana White site.  I featured the “Deep Thoughs” site because of the detailed  Either way, you can locate the headboard plans by clicking on the photo of the headboard.  Each step is laid out and there is a full material list at the Ana White site.

Good luck building your own.

deep thoughts by cynthia: Handmade Headboard.

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