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Free Swing Arbor Plans Free Swing Arbor Plans
Free Swing Arbor Plans

Free Swing Arbor Plans

Woodworker’s Journal is a publication that has produced hundreds (perhaps thousands) of free plans over the years.  The following plan is for a terrific outdoor swing that hangs from a beautiful arbor.  The skill level for this project is definitely in the mid range.  It could be a great project for a beginner jump into and learn some new skills.  The nice thing about larger scale woodworking projects is that the tolerances tend to be a bit higher than a small scale indoor piece.  The ‘fudge factor’ is a little higher and mistakes aren’t as noticable.

The Arbor incorporates mortise and tenon joinery and is made of Mahogany. Mahogany might not be as readily available in many areas (or cost prohibitive, so consider a wood like Cedar or Redwood. Check your local lumber yard.

This plan is really terrific since it includes exploded views of both the swing and the arbor. You could really utilize this to build an arbor (of any size) or a swing that hangs from an existing structure.  Let your creativity take hold.

Good luck with this terrific project. Click on the picture to get to the free plans.

Free Arbor Swing Plans (Local Copy of PDF Plans)

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