Free woodworking plans from woodwork city
Free birdhouse wood plan
Get ready for spring with this free birdhouse woodworking plan. The picture of the finished project is linked to the picture below. A birdhouse can be a simple project and a great one to do with your kids. After building a fence I ended up with a good deal... Read more
If you aren’t currently receiving the Rockler Woodworking Catalog, you will love it when you do. They have great buys and virtually any piece of hardware needed for your woodworking projects (large or small). Request your free catalog today. You will be pleased that you did. PS: Once you... Read more
Would you expect anything less than awesome poker table plans from a Princeton Man? These plans are on a personal page at Princeton University.  This poker table plan is easy to follow, FREE, and a great design.  This is a plan that anyone can build and will leave you... Read more
5 Awesome and Free Picnic Table Plans
The picnic table is a terrific woodworking project that the whole family can participate in, take pride in,  and also take advantage during the course of the year. Many people find Woodwork City when looking for free picnic table plans, so I wanted to add a few options to... Read more
Garden or Deck Chair Plans
The following are a couple simple wood plans for chairs that you might call “Deck Chairs”, “Patio Chairs”, or “Garden Chairs. The first is from Lowe’s.  The picture is linked to the free woodworking plan.  You can print the plan and bring it into a Lowe’s store.   You... Read more
Free Cat Tree Plans
Thanks to a free plan request from “Janet” on 6/23/2009, we have compiled a short list of cat tree plans.  In Janet’s case, she is looking to build something so that her cat can sit higher up while on the porch (my guess is that the cat wants a... Read more
Workstation Plans
This is a workstation, computer desk, or task desk that is made from 1 single sheet of 4′ x 8′ plywood. The final width is 32″ and usually enough for a simple workstation. This is a terrific woodworking project for a school who is looking to equip a computer... Read more
Rolling File Cabinet Plans
If you have a home office, I am sure that you have come to need more and more storage. If you are a woodworker, I am guessing that you might be a bit of a pack rat as well. This plan is for a mobile file cabinet. Essentially, a... Read more