Free woodworking plans from woodwork city
Free Wood Shed Plans
A wood shed is the ideal place to store your firewood.  These free plans will have your firewood out of the elements keeping them dry all year long. Here is a list of tools you will need; Hammer Tape Measure Framing Square Miter Saw Drill Machinery Screwdriver Sander Safety... Read more
Picnic Shelter Plans with Kitchen
A reader named Chad came upon our site and found the picnic shelter plans that we posted back in January, 2007.   The original plans called for a footprint that was about 12′ x 20′.  Chad was looking for something that was about 25′ x 30′ and asked if... Read more
Picnic Shelter Plans
This picnic shelter might be referred to as a park shelter.  This is a plan that is really a blueprint for this outdoor structure.  If you have some property, or need plans for an outbuilding this is a great plan to work off of. The plans call for a... Read more