Free woodworking plans from woodwork city
Free Rabbit Hutch Plans
With Easter fast approaching make sure your bunny has a place to live in comfort.  These free plans will make your bunny at home in your backyard. You will need the following materials: Plywood Hinges Wood Boards (2×4 recommended) Nails or Screws Ties (Metal) Wires Shingles (Optional but Recommended)... Read more
Free Murphy Dog Bed Plans
Are you embarrassed by your dog’s bed?  Don’t banish your best friend to the far corners of the house, build your dog a murphy bed.  Hide the bed when guests come over behind a nice cabinet facade. If you do not know what size to make a dog bed... Read more
Free Dog House Plans
Winter is almost upon us. Don’t forget about your beloved family pet. There are days when it will be good to allow your family pet some time outside. It will help your dog, and you. This is also a woodworking plan that you can build with your kids. There... Read more