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Folding Adirondack Chair Plans
folding-adirondack-chair-diagram folding-adirondack-chair-material-cut Over the past 15 years I have personally built over 100 Adirondack chairs.  I don't want to look back and count, but the number might exceed 200 chairs.  During that time, even with that large number of Adirondack chairs, I haven't built a single folding Adirondack chair.  Looking back, that...
Flip Down Sideboard Plans – Plow and Hearth

ANOTHER VERSION: There is a great version of this plan from Kreg Tools at Enjoy

Folding Shop Table Plans – Wall Mount
The folding workstation that we shared a few years back has proven to be one of the more popular projects that we have shared. Because of that, and because we alway “believe” that we are going to organize our workshop, we are sharing a wall mount folding shop table. ... Read more
Fold-Down Table Plans
Save space and serve with verve with this stylish-yet-sturdy folding table. Tools needed Tape measure Level Pencil Table saw or miter saw Corded/cordless electric drill Drill bits: 1/16-inch twist drill Assorted clamps #2 Phillips screwdriver or driver bit Paintbrush Items may be Special Order in some stores. Product costs,... Read more
Folding Adirondack Chair Plans
Folding Work Table – Bench Plans
The following plan is another one from American Woodworker Magazine.  Wordbench plans seem to be some of the most popular on our site.  Everyone needs a workbench or 2 and a portable (folding) unit can be ideal.  The key is to have a unit that doesn’t sacrifice stability for... Read more
Free Portable Grill Table Plans
The following plan is for a simple, affordable, and functional grill table.  Heck, a table is a table… use if for whatever you choose.  It is June 12, so we are going to call it a grill table today.   Click on the image below for the full set... Read more
Flip Down Sideboard Plans – Plow and Hearth
ANOTHER VERSION: There is a great version of this plan from Kreg Tools at Enjoy Read more
Free Folding stool Plans
This is such a simple woodworking plan and we seem to have a decent amount of visitors simply looking for a free, easy, and attractive stool to build. This stool plan is a nice beginner project and is an item that can be used for years. Folding stool –... Read more
5 Awesome and Free Picnic Table Plans
The picnic table is a terrific woodworking project that the whole family can participate in, take pride in,  and also take advantage during the course of the year. Many people find Woodwork City when looking for free picnic table plans, so I wanted to add a few options to... Read more