Free T-Rex Bookends Plans
Do you have a budding paleontologist in your life?  Then this might be the free plans for you.  These T-Rex bookends were made from the designer’s scrap material, but nothing says you can’t build these from material specifically bought for this project.  A nice piece of wood used for... Read more
Free Baseball Cap Rack Plans
Flat Panel Door Makeover
If you live in a moderately priced house that was built between 1940 and 1980, you probably have some flat panel doors in your home.  Some might be of the glossy/stained variety, but many might be a traditional lauan door that has a stain, or no finish at all.  To... Read more
Decorative Orchard Ladder Building Plans
If you ever wanted your own Orchard Ladder (it is a popular design element these days), why search high and low for the perfect size and condition only to find out that an antique market wants $250 for it.  You can simply build your own. Some might also consider... Read more
Super Simple Coffee Table Plans
A reader recently asked about a simple coffee table plan project.  We have featured some coffee table plans in the past but I did notice that some of the joinery, or features, might be slightly beyond that of an absolute beginner. The following plan is from BuildEazy and is about... Read more
Free Wall Cabinet Plans
Who doesn’t need a wall cabinet for a room in their house.  You can adapt this plan for just about any need and I can rattle off a few here: Medicine Cabinet / Bathroom Cabinet Gun Cabinet Tool Cabinet (router, sander) Spice Cabinet Grill tool cabinet You get the... Read more
Farm Style Wooden Dog Kennel
Click Here or the image to find the plan! Even if you don’t have a farm theme going on in your home, this wooden dog kennel will look awesome in your home. Give your furry family members a nice place to sleep by building them their own bachelor pad... Read more
Do it Yourself Coffee Table
Click Here or the image to find the plan! Spruce up the old living room of your house with this awesome plan for a coffee table. The plan is a traditional design that consists of a top board, 4 skirt pieces, and four leg pieces. This design is meant... Read more
Quick to Build Tool Cabinet
Click Here or the image to find the plan! Coming right at you from the always awesome! Everyone needs a place to store all the tools that one uses everyday. This cabinet design is quick and easy and will only take a couple of weeks of on and... Read more
Sturdy, and Simple Footstool Plans
Click Here or the image to find the plan! This stool plan comes straight from This footstool is a very simple design, but looks very elegant. It will surely make any company who happens to see it jealous. The project itself isn’t exactly a difficult one, but the... Read more

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