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Economic one board desk for CNC (or not) Economic one board desk for CNC (or not)

When it comes to woodworking, I am a sucker for a few things.

  1. Efficiency in material (economy)
  2. Simple design
  3. Relatively simple construction techniques
  4. Something that can break down in the future

Don’t ask me why those 4 items always resonate with me, but I guess I am just a frugal person at heart.  The fact that an item breaks down is attractive to me since a change in a space (expecially in a workspace) is something I require a couple of times a year.

The following plan is for a desk that comes from a single sheet of plywood.  The plans are for a CNC cutting machine, but you could easily take this plan and build it with standard hand tools.  You could even go to the trouble of creating a template out of 1/4″ hardboard for the detailed pieces, then rough cut the plywood, and route the edges using your hardboard template.  That is probably overkill unless you are planning to go into the business of selling these cool knock down desks.

The plans can be found at the link below from Instructables.

Free Plans: Economic one-board desk for CNC

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