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Free Dartboard Cabinet Plans Free Dartboard Cabinet Plans

Looking for dartboard cabinet plans? Have you shopped around for a dartboard cabinet and are stunned at the prices for anything that is nice looking and well built?

No self-respecting game room or man-cave is compete without a dartboard.  This free plan is for a cabinet to store the darts, chalk, and scoreboard, along with protecting the dartboard itself.  The plans are all in metric so if you only work in imperial measurements there will be some conversions to be done.

Eight well written steps will take you from the material list to the completed cabinet.  The dartboard itself will have to bought separately but do not worry there is a description of the proper sizing of a board.  Purchasing the dartboard before work begins will help make sure the size of all the components are correct.

The plans also include mounting instructions for your dartboard cabinet to finish off the project.  Finally, you will have to drop a plumbline to place the throwing line at the correct distance.  To start throwing bullseyes click the link below to get started:

Dartboard Cabinet Plans

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