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Pie Cabinet Plans – Free – pi Day Pie Cabinet Plans – Free – pi Day
Pie Cabinet Plans – Free – pi Day

If you aren’t aware, today (the day that these plans were published) is Pi Day.  Pi Day is an annual celebration (3/14) commemorating the mathematical constant π (pi).  This year (2015) we have the unique distinction of matching up the month, day AND year with the number.  In fact, the number can then stretch to the hours and minutes on that day. So, in honor of Pi day, we are providing a Free Pie Cabinet plan and publishing this free plan on 3/14/15 at 9:26 AM. This matches the first 8 digits of pi (3.1415926).

Enough about the math, on to the Pie that EVERYONE loves.

This Pie cabinet comes from the folks at Minwax.  Over the years they have put together a number of nice free woodworking plans.  We have a number of them included at WoodworkCity.  This plan is not a small build and it will incorporate some new skills if you keep it traditional by punching your tin panels.  The beauty of doing things today is that we can simply print a pattern and transfer that pattern to our item.   The plans do not include a pattern to punch into your tin, but we found some great patterns that you can print at Google images.

Oak Pie Safe Plans (pdf)

A nice plan for a pie cabinet (pie safe) that will help with any cabinet style build.
  • Classic design
  • Fitting for a Pi Day Project

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