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Wine Box Plan – Free Wine Box Plan – Free
Wine Box Plan – Free

There is no better way to let someone know that you value them as a …fill in the blank with (friend, mentor, relative, parent, etc.)…  than to take the time to build them something and take enough care in that project to make it stand out.

The following is relatively straightforward wine box plan.  A wine box is nothing more than a decorative box to give a bottle of wine as a gift.  This hand crafted version should become a show piece at the final destination and you should build it with the kind of care that deserves.

If you really wan’t to do something special, consider purchasing an exotic lumber for your project.  The cost will be relatively small since your lumber requirements are minimal.  In fact, you can purchase some exotic lumber through Rockler Woodworking.  Why don’t you look to see if you have a Rockler store in your area (I am lucky enough to have a store near my home).

Free Wine Box Plans

A fantastic gift item and no better way to present a bottle of wine as a gift.
  • Beautiful
  • Small Scale
  • Unique
  • Multiple Uses

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