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Expert Workbench Plans Expert Workbench Plans

If you consider yourself a craftsman in the art of woodworking, you will appreciate these workbench plans.  The plans come from Keith Rucker and can be found at the link below.

workbench plans  workbench with vise

As you can see this workbench is a solid structure with 2 vise locations, bench dog slots, and a nice trough.  The material is higher end and is worthy of a kitchen counter top.

The plans are very detailed and well written.  There are a number of photographs to help with every step of this project along with detailed instructions, measured drawings, and a complete material list.

If you are a craftsman who needs a higher end bench for the shop of your dreams, build on.

Good luck.

Free Expert Workbench Plans

If the plan link changes, please let us know.  We do have a local copy of the plans.

  • Tom Mulcahy

    March 8, 2015 #1 Author

    Hey…Built my first bench (72″x36″) over 25 years ago using 2x material for base and multiple layers of plywood covered with oak flooring. It ended up weighing over 250lbs. Overkill, yes. but I do a lot of hand planing and always liked a bench with some substance! After several “level-lings”, it’s time for a new one. found your site by accident and was pleased to find the opportunity to check out these plans. I have subscribed to your site and wait for updates.

    i am also interested in plans for iPhone acoustic dock. Thanks, Tom…


    • WoodworkCity

      March 8, 2015 #2 Author


      I have come across a number of workbenches (at estate sales) that might has well have been a part of the house due to how they were built. Sounds like yours is one of them. Thanks for visiting and sharing. I can appreciate the overkill when you are hand planing. There is nothing like a wobbly bench to make a nice smooth plane job harder than it needs to be.

      Thanks for joining us.


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