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Interesting, and Nifty Pallet Coasters Interesting, and Nifty Pallet Coasters

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I saw these and instantly knew I had to talk about them. This project covers how to make coasters for your drinks that look like itsy bitsy wooden pallets. the project is extremely simple and a really fun activity to do with kids or by yourself if you have an hour to spare.

pallet coasters

The wood needed for this project can be any that you have lying around the house, as long as it’s thin enough to look right. The creators of the project,, suggest scaling down to 1/16th the size of an actual pallet. For the example images that they use though, they use 1/8th and they seem to be a tad too thick if you ask me.

If you don’t have thin pallet wood lying around the house, they suggest going out to a craft store near you. They should have thin wood there meant for small wood craft projects.

This project isn’t difficult at all and meant to be something simple and nifty to do for the house for when company is coming over. Why use boring store-bought coasters when you can make your own interesting ones? They don’t even require nailing together. All they need is a little glue here and there to keep them holding strong. This plan will be an easy one to pull off and hopefully will prove to be worth the minimal effort involved in making them.

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