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Crisp, and Clean Remote Control Holder Crisp, and Clean Remote Control Holder

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If you have a problem losing remotes, or want a neat place to put them then look no further. Today we have a very simple, yet beautiful remote holder. This piece will spark the interest of any visitor you have and make your home seem that much nicer. This piece is made of very smoothed down pine wood and looks exquisite when completed. You’d be forking over quite the pretty penny if you wanted something this nice from the store, so why not make one yourself for a fraction of the cost!

The project can be completed with a saw, hammer, and of course a sander.  It is a very simple project and great for any beginner.   As for materials, trust me when I say even a newbie to woodworking won’t have a problem.

  • 1×6 pine
  • finish nails
  • wood putty
  • stain
  • wood glue

See, would I lie to you?  If you have an hour to spare and feel like making a real piece of art for your remote controls, give this project a try.  The plans are simple as well, being drawn up in pencil on graph paper.  That being said it is still a very clean and easy to follow instructions.  You won’t regret deciding on making this piece!  Have fun crafting!

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