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Quick, and Easy Wine Rack Quick, and Easy Wine Rack

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Want to add that little bit of fanciness to your home and have a killer place to store your vintage wine? Well Chris Baylor from shows us what’s what about building a simple, yet effective wine rack. This one in particular is extremely appealing to the eye, and is even modular so that you can arrange multiple in a row if you’re really in to wine.

This project is perfect for beginners. It’s easy and really fun, especially when you get into cutting out all of the curved edges and dadoes. The design is very sturdy and can add a lot to any room that they find their way into.

As mentioned earlier, the project is an easy one. Any paint or stain will do, but they recommend a dark stain to give it that aesthetic look of an old wine rack. The entire cutting and building of the rack takes about 2-3 hours to complete.

A couple key things to remember when building this beauty is to use the right sandpaper at the right time. Remember to always go from biggest grain to smallest grain to get the best look in the end. Any kind of wood will do. If you want, grab some unused wood and do some recycling while your at it to make the project that much more important!

I personally would love to have a place to store my wine. What better way to have a place for it and show off some woodworking skills? Get building and have fun with this one. I know I will!

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