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Stylish Sandbox for the Kids Stylish Sandbox for the Kids
Click Here or the image to find the plan! One thing I did when I was a kid was watch Bob Vila on TV.... Stylish Sandbox for the Kids

Click Here or the image to find the plan!

One thing I did when I was a kid was watch Bob Vila on TV. I didn’t understand half the stuff he said back then, but I still watched none-the-less. This plan comes from the man’s website. It shows us how to make a sandbox that the kids will enjoy all summer long. If you want to make it you will be forking over about 200 bucks, unless you know how to do some serious couponing!

This plan goes over how to make the fanciest sandbox known to man. It comes with awesome features like a place to put in a sun umbrella, holes for the kids to poor sand through, and bright fun colors. Makes me pretty jealous when I think of how boring my old sandbox was!

The project itself is fairly simple to do. In the end you will have a 6 foot by 7 foot rectangle. The writer goes into detail about where the perfect place is to install a sandbox. They say that the best place would be to find a place in a vacant corner of your yard that is flat and dry. In order to make sure that the ground is level it will be necessary to dig out the grass in the area and flatten the soil.

Most of the hard work for this project will come when you go to decorate it in fun and bright colors. Once that’s done all it needs is 20-30 bags of play-sand and the sandbox is ready for the kids! Enjoy the new look to the backyard and enjoy watching the kids having fun in their new brightly colored box of fun. Stay crafty!

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