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Simple, and Fun Chalkboard Easel Plans Simple, and Fun Chalkboard Easel Plans

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Whether you need a chalk board for your storefront or a lovely addition to your kid’s bedroom, this project should prove both simple and extremely fun to make.  This plan comes to us from Holly, who posted the plans on a website called  She wanted to buy her kids an awesome easel chalkboard, but when she saw the price at the store she decided to take the idea and just build it.  All it ends up being is a measly 40 bucks, as long as you have the right tools for the job that is.

Most of the work is just piecing together the different parts of the easel.  Kinda like a great big jigsaw puzzle!  The list of supplies shouldn’t scare anybody away from this project.  According to the plans all it requires is…

  • (4) 1”x2”x8′ wood boards
  • (1) 1/4”x4”x2′ poplar craft board
  • (1) 4’x8’ sheet of 1/8 tempered hardboard, masonite
  • box 2” 6D sized finishing nails
  • box 5/8”x18 wire nails
  • pack of two 2” x 1 3/8” brass hinges
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Your choice of paint, primers, brushes

What’s better than this, she says, the cutting of the Masonite, which is what the chalkboard is actually made of, can be done at wherever you buy the rest of the supplies.  This saves time and energy since you won’t have to be worried about cutting it exactly to the right size and shape you need it to be.  She recommends Lowes for this, but many other stores like it can do it for you.

If you live in the Buffalo area, you can even purchase a 2′ x 4′ chalkboard piece for $1.29!  Head over to

So with a little bit of cash, a couple of hours work, and some artistic magic, you can have an easel that looks like it was store bought.  Holly’s kid’s loved the addition to their bedroom and I’m sure you will enjoy it wherever it is placed in your home or business.  No more shall the overly priced chalkboard easel burn a hole in our pockets!  Click the provided image to see the plan, and again, as always, stay crafty!


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