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Plywood Table Plans Plywood Table Plans

If you are looking to build your own table, and didn’t wish to use a number of different materials or hardware pieces, consider this table build from a single sheet of plywood. This table is versatile and would be very easy to modify to a size that suits your use.

If you wanted to dress the table up a bit and hide the plywood edge, you could simply buy some edge banding and glue (iron) it on.

This free plywood table plan comes from Popular Mechanics.

I love looking at issues of popular mechanics from back in the day.  The plans that were published many years ago can still be used today and would be “on trend” in terms of design.  I know that there is a tear drop camper plan that was published in 1940 that is being widely produced today.

If the link to the plans (at the bottom of this post) fails to work, please post a comment and I will forward my local copy of the PDF plan.

Good luck building your own table.  I am sure that the creative ones in the bunch will find some amazing modifications to the design.  Just looking at the photo makes me wonder about through bolting the legs with thumbscrews so that I could remove one of the screws and allow the leg to essentially hinge on the other.  I could then secure the leg with the just removed thumbscrew to keep the leg from flopping while in storage.  I digress… Good luck with your own.

plywood-table-one-sheet plywood-table-plan-drawing

Free Plans: Table from One Sheet of Plywood (pdf)

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