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ladder shelf from real ladder

If you are looking for a plan to build a ladder display plan from scratch, there is a great plan at  These plans are a “how to” showing how you can turn an existing ladder into a set of shelves.   My wife is obviously a fan of this style and happened by a 100 year old ladder at an estate sale.  $4 later and my wife was the proud owner of a paint covered ladder from many years ago.  The amount of paint on an old ladder is a look that is nearly impossible to recreate.  There are paint drops that are half scuffed, dirty, and covered again.  Our ladder has the old round handle on the hinge, so I will try to find a way to incorporate that.


I must say, we were at a couple of estate sales since and ladders are plentiful.  Yours might not be as old, and paint covered, as ours but you will probably be able to find something to suit your needs for less than $10.

On to the project.  This is something that I located at the “Pretty Handy Girl” blog.   In her project post, she outlines the entire project and details each step very well with photos.    The one surprising thing with this plan is the distance that the ladder extends from the wall at the bottom.  You might think that you could easily just slide the ladder in, but the angle on the treads matches that pitch.  I might add a small wedge to alter the angle of my treads before attaching the shelves.  This will take up much less of a footprint and won’t be noticeable when complete.   The link for the full plans are below.

Free Plans Ladder Display Shelves using a real ladder

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