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Workbench with Lumber Storage Workbench with Lumber Storage

Lumber Storage Workbench Plans

When I saw this workbench plans it made me realize that I could kill two birds with one stone.  Lumber storage and work surface.  In fact, this project might be perfect for me up on a set of locking casters.  If you build yours on casters, be sure to adjust the height of the top by the height of the casters you use.

I like this project based on the amount of material that can be stored underneath (You will lose a bit with the caster adjustment, but it might be worth it.

This calls for dowels to be glued in place, but I think that it might be a bit more effective with the ability to move the dowels as if they were shelf pins that could be adjusted.  Let’s say you stumble across some 4″ x 8″ timbers… A simple adjustment on the bottom shelf pins/dowels will allow for the storage space.

Overall a great project.  The full plan link is below.

lumber storage workbench plans

Free Plans: Workbench with Lumber Storage.

I think that I will build one of these for my cottage garage space.  We like to keep the garage clear and the ability to wheel this off to the side is very desirable.   I will probably use an existing piece of MDF for the top.  With a nice clean/smooth top, this is a perfect painting station that my wife would be happy to use as well.

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