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AWESOME Folding Table Base for Your Shop AWESOME Folding Table Base for Your Shop

This folding table base plan is AWESOME! In fact, you could build 5 of these and it would only take a few square feet of shop space, or wall space. Two of these table bases would certainly work as well as a set of sawhorses.

The pictures below tell the story about this plan.  Click through on the Free Plan link at the bottom to head over to American Woodworker for the full set of plans.

folding-table-base Folding tool base plans

Folding tool base plans

One of our readers (Joe in the comments below) came up with the idea to add a top to the folding table base to make a complete table.  He documented his final build in the following video.

I think that you will agree that Joe made this plan a great deal more functional.  The table top portion that he added to the design did not take up much more space than the original design.  The width is only an additional 1 1/2″.  If you don’t need the flip up table top portion, you can leave it down and it doesn’t get in the way at all.

Great job Joe.

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