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If you have ever desired a hidden door in your home, this hidden door project from Gary Katz one of the best ones that I have come across.

I have been thinking of building a hidden bookcase door myself, but I was a bit hung up on how to hinge it and how much clearance to allow.

Gary covers every issue in great detail and even outlines some of his own silly mistakes or oversights during his project build.

I love the idea of the 1/2″ back that is glued and screwed to stiffen the case up so that it doesn’t rack.  In addition to that, there is a poly wedge on the strike side to add a little additional support for the bookcase that wants to move a bit.

The biggest negative to this plan is the cost of the pivot hinge.  The pivot hinge that Gary used seems to run about $190-$200.  Out of my budget range on this “fun” project.  However, if you are building a serious hidden entry, this quality of hinge is probably the way to go.

bookcase door hinge diagram

Click on the image to view the full set of plans.  Gary includes many photos of the process and the jigs used along the way.

Even if you aren’t going to build your own hidden bookcase door, this is a fun read.

If you do build one, please let us know and we will include you in a featured “user built”

hidden bookcase door plans

Gary Katz Online.

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