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Reader Built: Kentucky Chair Reader Built: Kentucky Chair

The following Kentucky Chair was built by a reader.  We love posts like this and seeing that this came from a plan that might not have been fully hashed out, it is great to seem some innovation in the design and/or material.  The original Kentucky chair plan was posted in July of 2011 and received quite a bit of interest.

Kentucky Chair

From the builder (Donald S Ennis):

This was my proto-type using scrap reused lumber from the back yard and poly rope in place of the wire. Worked great too. I also adjusted the size of the stock used on the legs thicker than the original plans, this made it more stable in the sand on the beach.


I love the use of poly rope in place of the rods. I sure this chair is more loose because of that, but I could see that being a good thing with this design.  The larger stock for the legs is also a big plus to keep a small piece of stock from sinking into the ground (or in your case, the sand).



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