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Mud Room Locker Plans Mud Room Locker Plans

There are many names for the following plan.  Here are a few

  • Entry cubbies
  • Entry lockers
  • Mud room storage
  • Mudroom lockers

Anyone who has dealt with mud room, or entry, storage has probably wanted to build a set of lockers or cubbies.  We all know how much stuff can pile up in an entry space.  Gloves, hats, shoes, jackets, etc.  There is almost no end to it.  If you have multiple kids, this organization is a big help when rushing out the door.

These free plans come from DesignConfidential.  The plans are for a 2-wide locker plan.  Obviously, you can modify to suit your space.  Making something just the right size to fit the baskets that you find, or to span the space that you have to fill will determine some of your dimensions.

Mud room and entry storage lockers


Click on the image above to view the full set of free plans at the DC site.  Good luck with your own entry plans.

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