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Free Chicken Coop Plans Free Chicken Coop Plans

These plans for a Chicken coop are certainly outside of the normal plans that we might publish at  However, an office tenant of mine just purchase a property with some acreage and will be building his own Chicken coop.  It just so happens, I was browsing some popular online plans to share and came across this chicken coop plan at Countryfarm Lifestyles. The plans seem so logical and straightforward and seem like something that would be an absolute blast to build.  If I were to build this, I am fairly certain that my son would want it as his own rather than give it up to some chickens.

Onward.  Take a look at the plan drawing.  This is a simple A-Frame construction with an enclose area along with an outdoor area.  This is probably a very standard plan, but it is new to me.  The A-Frame design appears as if it would be a good method to reduce the heat loss (perhaps that is the A-Frame idea).  In addition to that, the A-Frame is an optimal us of lumber.

chicken coop plans


Click on the above image to view the full plans at Country Farm Lifestyles.  Enjoy this free plan.  I am sure that it will help some backyard farmers somewhere.



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