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Free Beadboard Wall Shelf Plans Free Beadboard Wall Shelf Plans

The following plan comes from JRLWoodworking.  The reason I was drawn to this plan is because I have been carrying leftover pieces of beadboard for more than 10 years.  I redid a bathroom many years back and ended up with many cutoffs that I just couldn’t discard.  In the plans, He calls for a single piece of beadboard similar to what you would find in your local home store.  The panel stuff is cheap and would be fine. But, if you are like me, you will be thrilled to use up some scraps.  I know… my use of scraps has become an obsession.

In the latest house that I rebuilt, I couldn’t let go of some beadboard that was left from the 1889 kitchen and was able to create a panel similar to this above a doorway.  It was a terrific way to cover up some damaged plaster while retaining some of the 1889 charm of the house.  On to the plan.

Beadboard wall shelf plans


Click on the image for the full set of plans.  This is a simple wall shelf plan that can be modified to suit your needs.  You could make it longer, taller, add some coat hooks for an entry hall, etc.  Certain techniques are universal and building something lik this will give you confidence moving forward.l


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