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Santa Waving Cutout Plans Santa Waving Cutout Plans

Christmas is just around the corner and if you are like me, you failed to plan properly for Thanksgiving and didn’t make any unique woodworking items to celebrate the holiday.  As an avid woodworker, don’t you feel obligated?  Strange.

I hesitate a bit when it comes to decorations like this since it is really about the paint job.  However, that makes it a great project to build with kids.  The woodworking portion of these projects is limited, but the paint can be great fun for all ages.

Well, here is your opportunity to make up for it with a couple of terrific Christ mas projects.  The first is a Santa Claus cutout pattern from  The pattern / plan is for a waving Santa.  There isn’t anything complicated about this one.  The shape can vary since, again, the paint job is the real hero with this project.

Click on the picture to view the full plans to print and follow.

Bonus Plan.  Snowmen from scrap wood.

snowmen from scrap wood

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