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Christmas Tree Plans – From Scraps! Christmas Tree Plans – From Scraps!

The following is a fun project that you could build with anyone.  Have your kids make their own, or build it as a group project in a school setting.  Either way, it is a terrific holiday craft idea.

If you build this with kids, they will learn some valuable skills like measuring and centering your measurement (for the center hold).  The only power tool that is necessary is a drill.  Cuts can be made with a hand saw.

The original plan is from Lowe’s Creative Ideas.  However, many people balk at the price of all of the hardware suggested in the Lowe’s build and have come up with alternatives.  (see second version below)

One of my favorite parts about this project is that I can build it entirely from scrap lumber.  I end up with so many cutoffs (as many woodworkers do) and I can’t seem to throw them out.  Some I will burn, but the majority stick around my shop in my scrap lumber bin.  I love finding projects to make from my “scraps”.

christmas tree plans

This second version is from The Design Confidential and has a lower material cost along with a more chunky look.  The dimension of the stock used is different in the TDC project.

Christmas tree plan

You could really take this Christmas tree to another level by scaling it up and making it into an annual yard decoration.

Good luck building your own project.

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