Adirondack Glider Plans Adirondack Glider Plans

The following plans are a for an Adirondack Glider.  The author (Chris Baylor) also refers to the item as an Adirondack rocker.  Either way, it is a terrific plan in a classic Adirondack style.  I came across these plans while looking for a taller version of an Adirondack chair for a visitor to  Adirondack furniture s beautiful and functional, but seniors might need some help getting in and out.

Free Adirondack glider plans

This double Adirondack glider solves the height issue and unlike a swing, or traditional rocker, the design still maintains a relatively small footprint.

You can get to the plan page (at by clicking on the image.  Or, click to download the PDF glider plan.

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