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Beautiful Outdoor Storage Bench Plans Beautiful Outdoor Storage Bench Plans

Deck and patio storage are always a challenge, so when I see a beautiful project that also helps to solve my outdoor storage woes, I jump to share it with the readers of

This outdoor storage bench comes from the fine folks at  The plans are simple, yet beautiful.  When simple and beautiful furniture pieces also include function, it is a winning combination.

Beautiful and simple outdoor storage bench plans


This plan includes a material list with some choices to be made in the material that you choose.   When choosing wood and hardware for an outdoor project, cost and availability is a factor. If I decide to build this bench, I would probably use mahogany for the lumber with stainless steel hardware.  These are not inexpensive choices, but they will last much longer than many alternatives.  Just about any other type of screw will eventually rust.  I am reusing stainless steel screws that I have removed from 15 year old projects. They still look like new.  In addition to that, square drive fasteners provide a cleaner look without the chatter that you see in a phillips head screw.

Material list:

  • 7 8′ long 1″ x 6″ boards
  • Wood glue (My favorite indoor outdoor wood glue: Gorilla Glue 6205001)
  • 30 2″ square-drive trimhead screws
  • 60 1¼” deck screws
  • 48″ continuous hinge (often referred to as a piano hinge)
  • 4′ of 24″ wide ¼” galvanized wire mesh
  • 20 ¾” trusshead screws
  • Wood sealer (consult your local paint pro and describe your material and your use)
  • 3½” hook and eye (to hold the seat when open)

Good luck building this beautiful, yet simple, outdoor storage bench.

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