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Free Lemonade Stand Plans Free Lemonade Stand Plans

Build your own, beautiful, lemonade stand.

Free lemonade stand plans


I love this project. I am a big fan of a project that can be utilized in more ways than simply the intended purpose.  This lemonade stand project is a terrific one. It isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t look cheap and you could re-purpose virtually all of the parts should you decide to dismantle in the future.

This lemonade stand is also a fantastic puppet theater for your kids.  Not only that, but it is a terrific rolling workstation when the kids have moved on to their own Lemon Heaven Franchise at the local mall.  The work surface is about 28″ high and the unit has legs on one side allowing it to remain stable.  That makes this the perfect workstation/cutting station for the DIY’er in the home.  How many times have you used a 5 gallon bucket, or the trash can as a work surface to make a cut?  No more, roll out the lemonade stand.

Enough about what I would use this for.  Build this lemonade stand for your kids.  Hurry up, they grow up fast.  The stand is beautiful as is, but it leaves room for customization.  The roof is nothing more than a galvanized window well.  The beauty of plans from Lowe’s is that you can walk into the store with your material list and walk out with all of the supplies for your project.

Click on the picture for the full plans at Lowe’s Creative Ideas.  If Lowe’s ever moves the location of the plan, or takes it down completely, contact me using the comment form below. I have a local copy of the plan.

Updated 3/27/2013.  Lowe’s creative ideas changed their entire site structure and all links to their plans seem to have disappeared.  We have had a lot of luck finding them, so contact us if you are having trouble.

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