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Free Bar Stool Plans Free Bar Stool Plans

Bar stools seem to have graced every home in America at one time or another.  My family ran into a need recently since I am building a pub table for a sun room.  I have been exploring my options and even included a plan for a Pub Table a few weeks back.

If you look at the pub table plans that we featured, you will notice the very boxy look of the stools. This certainly makes for an easier project to build, but in terms of aesthetics and stability it just wasn’t cutting it for me.  I love the slightly tapered look on a stool, and the wider base will add stability to your stool.  This is a very nice feature when there are young kids kneeling on these things anyway.

This stool could be utilized indoors or out.  If you have a deck where you wish to create an outdoor bar or pub table, a simple modification to the material used will make this an all weather bar stool.

The plans come from American Woodworker Magazine (April 1996 issue).  The full plan images and article can be found after the jumpClick on the images to enlarge the plans:

Free Bar Stool Plans Free Bar Stool Plans 1 Free Bar Stool Plans 2 Free Bar Stool Plans 3

  • Just for fun

    December 4, 2013 #1 Author

    Spent the evening trying to get plans on your bar stools. Get error every time I click on page that shows any dimensions. Printing I can’t see even with magnifying glass. Very frustrated with your website.


    • WoodworkCity

      December 5, 2013 #2 Author


      Sorry for the trouble. There was some changes to the site recently that rendered some old links incorrect. I have updated the post to point to the larger graphics. You should be able to click on the images now and see something that works a little better.

      I hope that this helps.


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