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Free Garden Stool Plans Free Garden Stool Plans

Free Garden Stool Plans.

The thing that I love about a garden stool is the versatility that it provides.  Once you build a stool, you will find yourself using it in the garden, on the deck, in the garage, etc.  I think you get the picture. A nice solid stool is incredibly versatile and a great project.  When you build a stool, you will probably find yourself modifying it slightly to double as a side table (end table).

These free garden stool plans are from RunnerDuck.  We  featured a very nice Cupola plan from this site in the past.

When building this garden stool, I would recommend a couple of alterations from the existing plan image and the writer at RunnerDuck does the same. Be sure to read a plan completely before ever building a project.  This step makes a big difference.   The plan calls for a handle at each end that only has about 1″ of meat at the top.  This is not enough material to remain solid with the vertical grain.  I would be sure to have at least 2.5″ – 4″ of meat above the handle cutout.  I also wouldn’t extend the cutout the entire width of the end.  It isn’t necessary and will only weaken your piece.  You only need a cutout that can accommodate your hand.

The material list is short:

20′ X 3/4″ X 6″ Cedar.
(16) 1″ #6 flat head stainless wood screws
Exterior Wood Glue (I like the Gorilla Glue 6205001 since it doesn’t foam up and mark up your work)

Good luck building your own garden stool.  Click on the image to view the full plan.

Tip 1: With cedar or redwood, a finish isn’t needed.
Tip 2: Use stainless screws. Galvanized, zinc, or primeguard will react with your wood leaving ugly dark spots where it is screwed.

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