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Free Medicine Cabinet Plans Free Medicine Cabinet Plans

The medicine cabinet plan below is a wonderful build of a cabinet that includes techniques that you can apply across many future woodworking projects. If you are a beginning woodworker, you will eventually notice that most construction techniques apply across a variety of projects. Cabinet building is probably a skill that translates more than others. Once you come up with your own preferred joinery techniques, and construction methods, you will be able to run with it.

The need for the following medicine cabinet plan came up due to our cottage project. I am tearing apart the small bathroom and the 1960’s vanity has to go. This apothecary style medicine cabinet fits the bill. I will probably only utilize 2 of the 3 drawer spaces since some open storage is nice in a tight space. However, I would encourage anyone who is doing the same, to go ahead and build all 3 drawers so that your material, fit, and finish is the same if you do elect to include all 3 drawers down the line.

Click on the image for the link to the full plans.

As you can see, this is a nice simple design. I really want to pull the 1920’s look from this project, so I will probably be capping my cabinet with a simple crown molding to achieve that look. I am also looking to modify this to fit between the existing stud opening. I will do this with a deeper back that steps in to the cavity between my wall studs. Doing this will give me an extra 3″ of storage depth.  Since this is the only cabinet in the bathroom, this extra (hidden) 3″ will be appreciated.

Free Medicine Cabinet Plans

Free Medicine Cabinet Plans

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