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This isn’t a wood plan, but I felt the need to share it with our readers.  This is a sale item at that...

This isn’t a wood plan, but I felt the need to share it with our readers.  This is a sale item at that will help make your workshop a bit more efficient. We are an affiliate of Rockler, so we will make a couple of % if your purchase. We appreciate the support.  This tool normall sells for about $60 at Amazon (HTC PortaMate PM1000 Universal Mobile Base). The sale listing below is good while supplies last. The price (when this was written) was $39.99

If you find yourself in a small shop (aren’t they all), you will always be working toward a more efficient use of the space. It seems that every woodworker will fill his or her space depending on what room is available (and then add 10%-20% more ‘stuff’). Nearly every woodworker will always be wanting to optimize his or her workshop.

Take a look at this tool base. It is adjustable depending on your saw, so it should fit just about any make or model. 9 years in and I still love the ease of use of mine.About 9 years ago, I moved into a new home and found myself with a decent sized shop (15’x18′), but not big enough for all of my large tools. For a couple of the tools, i built rolling carts so that they could easily be moved aside. For my table saw, that didn’t seem like the best option since the saw needed to be moved out fairly often and it also needed to be stabilized once it was out in the middle of my shop. I found a nice rolling base at that did the job perfectly. With my saw coming in at over 100 pounds, and my saw needing to be moved out to the middle of my small’ish shop this stand works perfectly. It has a cam system that easily engages and disengages the wheels. The saw moves with ease and once the saw is in place, the cams can be flipped down and the saw then sits on the built in feet. It is super stable once down and a breeze to move when the 2 cams are engaged. Engaging the cams can be done with your foot, so you woodworkers with bad backs don’t even have to bend down to do so.

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