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Fold Away Workbench Fold Away Workbench

If you are like me, you can never have enough workbench space.  I am a stacker and my workbench space tends to get taken up when I am in the middle of my projects.  This fold away workbench might be ideal for the times when I need a little extra space.

This bench is made from standard items.

Depending on your size, you will need 3 butt hinges, 3 2 x 4’s and 1 piece of MDF that is about 14″ x 48″ (You could use virtually any 3/4 material for the top).

Click on the image to view the full sized plans.  There isn’t too detailed a description of the construction.   This project is simple enough to build based upon the drawing.  If you have a non-standard wall cavity, be sure you measure to fit and give yourself about 1/2″ clearance from your rough opening size.

Good luck building this terrific folding bench.

Folding workbench plans

Folding workbench plans

These plans come from Woodsmith magazine and can be found in their Woodworking tips section:

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