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Free Outdoor Lantern Plans Free Outdoor Lantern Plans

Free Outdoor Lantern Plans

Outdoor lighting can help you get the best out of your deck or patio. These free Outdoor Cube Light woodworking plans shows you how to construct unique lighting pieces that can sustain the elements while still providing delicate lighting to your outdoor space.  The plan does require acrylic inserts to fit inside the wood frame. Most home goods and lumber shops will be willing to cut the material for you.

Outdoor lighted table plans

Outdoor lighted table plans

The plan also includes instructions to add aluminum angle caps, that can also be purchased a cut at a home goods store. This plan is a little less wood and more alternative building materials, but it a good beginners way to start branching out from regular lumber. The cubes lights can also act as light up end tables on a patio.

Click on the picture to view the complete plan to build your own lighted table.

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