Free woodworking plans from woodwork city
Free Shed Plans 12' x 8' Free Shed Plans 12' x 8'
Free Shed Plans

Free Shed Plans

The following plan is very detailed and includes measured drawings, a complete material list, cut list, and detailed instructions.  The plan is more than 20 pages, but is very easy to follow. There are exploded views of the pieces that might be tough to visualize. Overall a very thorough plan.

Click on the image for the free shed plans (PDF Format).

The above plan is comes with a pitch for a fantastic woodworking CD.  The woodworking CD has some great plans for sheds and many, MANY, woodworking projects.  In fact, there are more than 12,000 plans in all.  If you do purchase the CD, we make a few dollars on it.  However, there is no need to purchase anything,

Click on the image for the PDF Shed Plan. Good luck and have fun building.

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