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Double Adirondack Chair – Settee Plans Double Adirondack Chair – Settee Plans

Most fans of the Adirondack Chair might want to mix up the furniture on their deck, patio, or in the back yard.  Many will do that with a bench that might look out of place with their Adirondack chairs. A nice option to add seating and interest to your “outdoor room” would be to build a double Adirondack (Adirondack Settee).  The Adirondack Settee is essentially 2 Adirondack chairs joined together with a common table in the middle.  Some of these designs replace the inner arms with a table structure.  Others will simply affix a table between 2 chairs.

The following Adirondack Settee plan comes from the folks at Skil Tools.  I selected the plan due to its unique look with the wedge shaped common table between the 2 chairs. It might not seem like much, but this wedge shape that angles the attached chairs will save you a significant amount of floor space when you are putting together your outdoor furniture layout.

The plans are in PDF Form here. The picture will take you directly to the Skil plan. Should that fail, you can use this download link to the free Adirondack Settee Plan

Double Adirondack Settee Plans

Double Adirondack Settee Plans

Good luck with this terrific outdoor furniture plan!

Also referred to as: Double Adirondack chair, Adirondack loveseat, Adirondack Settle, Adirondack Settea

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