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We offered a cigar humidor plan at in the past, but it appears that the many changes a publisher goes through with a web site (Popular Mechanics in this case) forced this plan to disappear from their site.

Welcome to another Free Cigar Humidor Plan.  Hopefully this one sticks around for a while.  This free plan comes from the folks at Fine Woodworking.  If you aren’t familiar with the magazine, you should give it a look. Stop by your local library and pick up an issue. The plans that they provide each and every month are incredibly detailed and will help you to hone your woodworking skills.

Free Humidor Plans

Free Humidor Plans - Click to Download


This plan is a relatively simple box design with a twist that calls for an edge band and inlay.  The humidor is made from Spanish cedar (any humidor must be) and is constructed in a way to give you an air tight seal. Built correctly, your humidor should have no trouble maintaining the 70% humidity that your fine cigars will require.  Need a humidifier and hygrometer?

The free plan can be found at:

If that link changes in the future, you can link directly to the free PDF humidor plans download.

Good luck.

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