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Free Planter Bench Plans Free Planter Bench Plans

I just received a request for some planter bench plans.  We all know what the item is. Essentially it is a bench with planters at each end.  I was very surprised to find that we haven’t included a planter bench plan here. We have done a number of planter box plans (planter box 1, planter box 2, planter box 3) and a number of bench plans (bench plans), but we never combined the two.

This is a terrific project for a beginning, or expert woodworker.  A planter bench is versatile and and can be made to be modular very easily.  The configuration allows for a simple straight bench or a nice 90 degree corner bench.

This free plan comes from Ron Hazelton. Most woodworkers will know who Ron is from DIY Network or HGTV.

This plan is simple and should only take a few hours to complete.  I would recommend that you use Redwood or Cedar as your lumber choice and spend the extra money for stainless steel hardware rather than a coated screw.  You will be very happy that you spent the extra few dollars.

Free Planter Bench Plans

Free Planter Bench Plans

Good luck and have fun:

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