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Storage Bench Plans Storage Bench Plans

If you live in the Northeast (like me) you will probably have a need for some winter storage. In fact, regardless of your climate, having extra storage is almost never a bad thing. These free storage bench plans are a terrific fit for most any outdoor decor. The bench plans are a simple design that is a perfect for a beginning woodworker or handyman, yet provide a look that is clean and professional.

The material that you choose for your bench will dictate the look. Some might prefer the look of a wood like Ipe or Redwood, where others will like the low cost of pressure treated lumber. In either case, this storage bench should provide you with years of use.

One note/modification regarding this plan that I would suggest is to be sure your design is slightly elevated from an outdoor surface. Wood that stands in water is not going to last nearly as long as a wood that is allowed to remain dry. Good air flow can be a key to keeping rot at bay. Perhaps you should make some small feet along the bottom of your storage bench. It could be as simple as 2″x2″x1″ blocks placed at the corners and in the center. In fact, a fastener shouldn’t be needed. What could be easier?

Good luck with this free storage bench plan. Click the image below to be taken directly to the plans.

Storage Bench Plans

Storage Bench Plans

DIY Bench with Storage

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